Howdy! Nine here! Born on the 21st of May 1994. Currently living in Australia.
This is her TERA blog, where she posts all wonderful things from screenies, arts and all the weird things in between. <3

Guess who got the account bound wolfie? <3
Nine did!
Omfg, it’s just all to perfect for Lithe.
And a bunch of her other characters but ahhhh.

Oh, and this is Nine’s 9th account mount.
What a cool number to be. B)

Elins in maid dresses.How can you say no.

Elins in maid dresses.
How can you say no.

Nine is leveling in tulufan today.&#8230;.cries.

Nine is leveling in tulufan today.

Having a bit too much fun leveling Laile on CH. Already at 30, lets see how far she can get before Nine tires out.

So, Nine made Laile on CH as a priest.

She’s on TR and AV, so why not CH now too?
Nine just needs her glasses and then she’ll be perfect~ <3

So, Nine and her sister made new characters on Celestial Hills.

Her sister’s character is Yumae the slayer and Nine is playing as Kikyi the priest! uvu

Her sister is kind of learning tera all over again-ish.
But is ok, we killin things real g00d yuh.

If any one wants to come say hi, that would be super awesome. <3

Got tagged by wonderholme.

Let’s do this because why the heck not. :I

Rule 1: Always post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones.
Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post.
Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them.

1. If a little fairy come to give you the choice to go in a alternative universe which one will you choose? 

Don’t even.
Nine had a room full of fairies when she was little and not a single one of them was that nice to offer such a thing. >:I

2. Your favorite animal?

Raccoons all the way. <3

3. Your favorite tumblr blog? 

B-but there is too many to chose from. ;;

4. If we were in Harry Potter and you have the three Deathly Hallows, wich one will you use in first? 

Not a potter fan.
There for she has no idea what that stuff is.

5. Your favorite book?

Nine can’t actually read very well, so she doesn’t read books. ;o;
But she remembers that she used to really like Fantastic Mr.Fox when she was little.

6. Your favorite author?

That one guy who wrote something. Yeah, him, he was pretty great.

7. Your favorite movie? 


Hard choice, Nine really likes the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Interview with the vampire is pretty damn great. The Saw movies are nice. Van Helsing is  good one. Oh, and Alice in Wonderland.
Those are some good ones.
And Nine isn’t picking her favourite. :I

8. Your favorite video game? 

Why. Why just one favourite? >:I
Nine is gonna give you multiples because she damn well can.
Okami, Alice: Madness returns, The Sly Raccoon series, Portal 2, Journey, almost every Pokemon or Digimon game ever and Super Smash Bros.

Those are just a few.

9. If you’re a girl, skirts or jeans? 

Is nothing an option?

Jeans yo.

10. Your favorite Disney princess? 

Honestly. Nine doesn’t like any of them.

11. Dogs or Cats? 

And here are some questions from Nine.

Nine isn’t gonna tag any one because she’s a lazy little shit but feel free to do these if you wish. <3

1. Favourite kinds of music?
2. Would you prefer a massive house with lots of space, or a small cosy house?

3. Sweet or Sour?
4. Your lucky number?
5. Your favourite places? 

6. Did/do you like school? 

7. Whats something you hate for a strange reason?
8.  The thing that annoys you the most about public places?
9 is a great number. Do you agree?

10. If you could have a super power, what would it be?
11. Why is there 11 questions to this and not just 10? 



Nine-senpai didn’t notice me :&lt;



Nine-senpai didn’t notice me :<


200 followers! ;u;

omfg you guys. <3
Not something she expected to see when she logged on today.
Thank you all so much and she’s glad you enjoy her little silly posts~

She might do a give away of some kind as a thank you.
dunno yet, but we shall see.

Nine loves you alllll.

Nine had a need to give Laile some love.
Now that she’s done that she can go back to standing around in castanica staring at Elleon.

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